All Stars Cricket

Brendan Hughes and Sean Sage from the club attended a GCB cricket information evening last night at Winget Cricket Club in Gloucester, the purpose of the evening was to discuss the exciting new programme for 5 – 8 year old’s, All Stars Cricket.


The new ECB programme is to focus on getting 5 – 8 year old’s into cricket and has already generated huge interest nationally and more locally in Gloucestershire. The programme is supported and partially funded by the ECB and is a key priority within Cricket Unleashed which is the ECB’s new national framework to broaden interest in cricket at every level.

All Stars Cricket will give children opportunities to develop 9 of the 10 Key Fundamental movement skills in a safe, fun environment. As a dynamic engaging programme, All stars Cricket has a broad appeal to children and their parents.

Full details of the programme are being finalised and will be communicated via the club.

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