GCB Roadshow and Workshop

The club attended a road show and workshop evening at the county ground in Bristol yesterday which was hosted by Gloucestershire Cricket Board at the County Ground in Bristol.

There were several workshops and a representative from the ECB to talk about how we need to get more people, children and adults playing and supporting their local clubs.

It’s alarming how few people actually play cricket but understandable when you see all the competition from other sports such as football and rugby.

Over the coming weeks and months we will share some of the idea‘s that came from the workshops, but we will also be asking for idea’s from the community to see what you want to see from your local cricket club.

We attended the workshop hosted by John Oates who was great and the focus was on developing your club membership in the community, which will be a focus of the club this year, along with lots of other activities and events.

Thanks to the GCB, ECB and County Ground for an insightful and motivating evening.

Watch this space for ways in which you can support Uley cricket club in 2017!


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